LoadRunner 12.62

Les nouveautés de LoadRunner 12.62 (Mars 2019)


VuGen 12.62

TruWeb in VuGen VuGen includes the following TruWeb enhancements:

Javaprotocols The following Java enhancements have been added:

  • Java Vuser/Record Replay protocols. Support for record and replay with Java (JDK) 11.
  • All Java protocols. You can now develop scripts in a JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA environment. See Create a Vuser Script in IntelliJ IDEA.

Learn more: Java Protocols

.NET protocol .NET protocol now supports .NET Framework 4.7

Learn more: .NET protocol

Citrix ICAprotocol LoadRunner now supports Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop versions 7.14 and 7.15.

Learn more: Citrix protocol

PCoIPprotocol General functionality enhancements have been incorporated for the PCoIP protocol on pcoip_sync_on_bitmap_ex API.

Learn more: Teradici PCoIP (PC over IP) Protocol


Performance Center 12.62

Dockerized Controller hosts Added support for elastic provisioning and de-provisioning of Controller hosts on Windows. For details, see Manage elastic hosts.

Note: Support for dockerized Controllers is provided as a tech preview feature.

Load generator Agent enhancements To support testing UI-based protocols, you can run Vusers in an interactive RDP session while the agent remains as a service. For details, see Run Vusers in an interactive RDP session.
CA APM integration Added support for integrating monitoring data from CA Application Performance Management (APM), providing information on the availability and performance of software applications. For details, see CA APM monitor.
CI/CD integrations Released the following plugin updates:

  • Released a new TFS plugin with ability to make repeated attempts to run the test on timeslot failure. For details, see Performance Center and TFS.
  • Added support for the latest TeamCity version, and released a new Teamcity plugin with ability to make repeated attempts to run the test on timeslot failure. For details, see Performance Center and TeamCity.
SCM integrations We’ve added support for integrating Performance Center with Git via Jenkins. You can now:

  • Synchronize scripts by uploading LoadRunner and JMeter scripts stored in a GitHub repository to a Performance Center project.
  • Synchronize tests from YAML files saved in a GitHub repository to a Performance Center project (available with 12.61 and later).
  • Create tests from YAML input added to a field within the Jenkins job configuration, and then run the tests (available with 12.61 and later).

For details, see Performance Center and Git.

Report enhancements Ability to track license consumption on monthly/weekly basis by exporting a Vuser script’s protocol usage information to a CSV file. For details, see Export Reports.
TruWeb protocol Added support for Pacing runtime settings and the Command Line option for TruWeb scripts. See Runtime Settings and Command Line.

Note: The TruWeb protocol is provided as a tech preview feature.

REST APIs Added support for provisioning settings for dockerized load generators.

  • Ability to retrieve a list of Docker images available to the project. For details, see Get Docker Host Image.
  • Ability to configure provisioning settings (ElasticLoadGeneratorConfiguration) for a test when using a dockerized load generator. For details, see test entity XML.

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