LoadRunner Professional 2021 R2

Les nouveautés de LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1 (Octobre 2021)


Monitors and Analysis templates modernization

This release includes the following updates:

  • The Monitors and Analysis Templates modules are now updated with a modern user interface and use the latest technologies. This is part of ongoing modernization to LoadRunner Enterprise. For details, see Monitors and Analysis templates.
  • Added a context menu for managing resources in the Resources tree. For details, see Step 3: View or edit monitor details.

Project management updates

This release includes the following project management updates:

Viewing results

This release includes the following enhancements for viewing results:

  • Test result data is now automatically uploaded to the project repository at the end of the run, enabling you to view run results offline without the need for a Controller. For details, see View test results offline.
  • Added an option to sort messages by column values in online and offline results. For details, see Sort by.
  • Added an option to customize the time zone for online and offline results. For details, see Graphs view (online results) and View measurements and results for the test run (offline results).

Secure communication (TLS/SSL)

Added the option to configure the LoadRunner Enterprise server to communicate using a secured TLS/SSL connection as part of the Configuration wizard. For details, see Installation.


File repository reports

Added reports to track file repository usage and see how much storage space is used for each project.


Alert enhancements

This release includes the following alert enhancements:


Web Page Diagnostics

Added support for Web Page Diagnostics. For details, see Enable Web Page Diagnostics.


License management update

Tenant Admin users now have read-only permissions on the Licenses module, except for license keys which are hidden. They also have restricted privileges on public hosts. For details, see Administrator user types.


CloudBurst load generator update

Added support for Java protocols to CloudBurst load generators. For details, see LoadRunner Enterprise CloudBurst load generators.


Maintenance task update

When running the Check Host maintenance task, you can now limit the number of concurrent check host operations. This reduces load on IIS and the LoadRunner Enterprise server, and improves system response time and performance. For details, see Check Host Task.



LoadRunner Enterprise REST APIs now include the following updates:

  • Support for setting a trend range for automatic trend reports. For details, see Trend Reports in the LoadRunner Enterprise REST API Reference.

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