LoadRunner Professional 2022 R1

Les nouveautés de LoadRunner Professional 2022 R1 (juin 2022)


The Micro Focus Performance Engineering team is excited to announce the release of our latest version of LoadRunner Professional. In this release, we continue our investment into customer driven innovation and the latest technology in performance engineering.

The main features of this release are detailed below:

Chaos Engineering

We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Gremlin and develop this exciting new integration within LoadRunner Professional. With this release, we have enhanced our support for chaos engineering events, and can be added during your test design.

This new capability will allow LoadRunner Professional users to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Testing the resiliency of your systems.
  • Find faults before they hit production.
  • Introduce chaos events in a controlled non-production system.
  • Monitor the performance in real time during performance tests.
  • Use collected measurements in LoadRunner Analysis.
  • Support for multiple scenarios.

We have also added several new features to enhance end user experience when designing a performance test with added chaos events.

These new updates include:

  • New charts.
  • Stop and Start chart overlays and time bound checks.
  • Output and Error messages now collected during execution.


Learn more about the LoadRunner Professional and Gremlin partnership by watching our recent BrightTALK webinar, Resiliency and Performance Engineering!

Prometheus APM Update

In this release, we have added support for Prometheus to allow our customers to add this monitor type during test execution.

This new capability offers the following benefits:

  • LoadRunner Professional continues our investment into APM.
  • Supporting customers observability needs.
  • New monitor type in controller.
  • Ability to monitor real-time.
  • Support for custom measurements.
  • Data available in LoadRunner Analysis to facilitate root cause analysis.

Network Virtualization Report in LoadRunner Analysis

In the LoadRunner Professional 2022 R1 release, we have also introduced Network Virtualization reports into LoadRunner Analysis and have extended our capability.

This updated capability will offer the following benefits:

  • Extending the value of the existing Network Virtualization report.
  • Network Virtualization report now available in LoadRunner Analysis and can be merged with additional metrics to assist with root cause analysis.
  • Performance metrics can be viewed live or used later in LoadRunner Analysis.
  • Supplement application development and tuning via enhanced understanding of your network and operating conditions.

Certificate Manager Encrypt with Password Feature

We have introduced a new capability to an existing feature. In this release, we added a new interface to allow users to secure their private key with a password.

This new capability offers the following features:

  • New secure method for authentication.
  • Now private key is removed and stored in another file.
  • File is then encrypted with password.
  • Ability to validate the certificate.


Introducing Kafka Recorder

In our last release (LoadRunner Professional 2022), we introduced replay only support for the Kafka protocol, but we have now added the record feature.

With this feature we provide the following advantages:

  • Full Kafka recording capability resulting in no manual scripting.
  • New recording options available.
  • Additional logging.
  • Kafka APIs available.
  • New measurements available to report on.
  • Added to the Java bundle and community license to increase adoption.

Embracing Open Source

In this release, we are very pleased to announce that we have enhanced our JMeter execution capability. We have extended our support for JMeter by converting the once manual effort of having to create and place files on the Load Generators when you needed to run with additional files. We read and extract the additional jar and extension files—we automatically push these to the Load Generator for test execution.

In this release, we have also enhanced our Selenium support by now adding the ability to add an SLA to your test. Allowing our customers to define their own success criteria.

Controller Online Graph Improvements

Lastly, I would like to highlight it that we have extended our charting and reporting capability. We have updated the Controller online monitor graphs so that they now have a streamlined interface and improved functionality. 

For more information on this release, watch the What’s New in LoadRunner Professional 2022 R1 video.

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